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Surfacide Directions

Surfacide is a HEAVY DUTY synthetic detergent disinfectant CONCENTRATE that cleans and sanitizes WHERE A STRICT ANTI - BACTERIAL ENVIRONMENT IS REQUIRED.

Surfacide contains a powerful deodorizer that leaves a long lasting pleasant fragrance.
Surfacide is effective against:

  • Salmonella Typhosa
  • Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Most Pathogenic Bacteria


Surfacide should be used anywhere a strict sanitary environment is required and for regular cleaning and deodorizing in:

  • Shower rooms
  • Toilets
  • Sports change rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Washrooms


Apply directly to the surface.


Difficult to remove stains - Do Not Dilute.
20:1 for heavy duty application (two cups to five litres of water.)
50:1 for light duty application (one cup to five litres of water)

Preparation & Best Results

1. Clear excess dirt and loose material before use
2. Use a white hand pad on hard- to- remove stains..
3. To ensure a long lasting controlled release of fragrance

Do Not rinse Surfacide from the surface.

Cleaning Application

1. ON FLOORS - liberally mop Surfacide onto the surface. Allow to take effect before picking up dirt with a mop.
2. ON WALLS - clean the surface with Surfacide using a cloth or sponge.


Prepare with Cleancare’s Urine Contamination Treatment for odour control of severe urine effected areas.

NOT FOR USE in food processing equipment or for sanitising dishes or cookware.