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Staticare Directions

Cleancare’s Staticare eliminates static electricity caused by electrical charge buildup in carpet. One application is effective on all carpet fibres. A combination of colloidal metal particles and conductive ingredients combine to disperse electrical charge buildup in carpet.
One application of Staticare spray lasts up to six months. The residue is so fine a particle size and of such a chemical make up that Staticare actually.
RETARDS re-soiling.


  • All carpet fibres including cotton and wool. Safe on all fibres not affected by water.
  • Rugs

For Use

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Homes


Dilute Staticare with two parts water


Apply Staticare with any clean sprayer.
The 15 litres of diluted Staticare is sprayed over 50 - 100 square metres.
The carpet will normally be dry in approximately one hour.


For best results brush Staticare into the carpet with a Cleancare Grandi Groom.
Rinse sprayer thoroughly after use.