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PreKleen Directions

PreKleen Enzyme Pre-spray is a powerful cleaning partner with other detergents.
PreKleen digests protein based soils that detergents alone won’t remove. Use in homes, dining rooms, cafeterias, restaurants, all food service areas.

PreKleen begins to decompose and digest the protein that binds the soil immediately on contact. By the time the extraction cleaning of the carpet is started, PreKleen has liquified the greasy protein and holds it in suspension, ready to be whisked away by the cleaning process.

PreKleen is environmentally safe and user safe, it is non toxic, contains no butyls, no solvents. PreKleen can be used on all carpet fibres including upholstery not effected by water . (Always check for colour fastness prior to use)

Economical - 5 kilograms of PreKleen makes 255 litres of ready to use solution (50 -1)



Pre-spray PreKleen to the carpet or upholstery surface.


For Heavy soil on carpet : mix 100gms in 5L of hot water.
For moderate to heavy soil on carpet: mix 75gms in 5L of hot water.
As a pre-spray for upholstery: mix 75gms in 5L of hot water.

Cleaning Application

Apply PreKleen to the carpet using a portable or electric sprayer.
To increase efficiency brush lightly with a hand pile brush such as Cleancare’s Grandy Groom.
On upholstery always test for colour fastness before use, and spray the surface lightly and allow to work for about 5 minutes.


Make up enough PreKleen ready to use solution for use the same day. After 24 hours the solution can be used but with reduced enzyme action.
For optimum results, water should be between 60C and 65C (Do not exceed 65C).