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Kill Odour Deodoriser Wattle 5L

Kill Odour Deodoriser Wattle 5L

Quick Overview

Neutralises odour and eliminates odour-causing sources.

Available in Wattle, Spice, Citrus and Spring Fresh scents for immediate customer satisfaction. 

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Cleancare's KILL ODOUR is specially formulated to not only mask odours but to eliminate the causes of odours. This safe and effective biodegradable deodoriser can be lightly sprayed onto carpets, Upholstery (not affected by water). Can also be wiped, mopped or sponged onto tiles and grout, toilets, rubbish bins and infact any hard surfaces. Ideal for use in homes, hotels, businesses, aged care facilities, hospitals, gymnasiums and other sporting facilities and schools.

Especially formulated for the professional ‘in-plant’ or on location carpet cleaner. Can be used in plants with drying rooms to eliminate odour sources resulting from high humidity.

Effectively removes odours from hard surfaces by merely wiping, sponging or mopping.

Apply to hard surfaces by wiping, sponging or mopping for effective removal of odours. Suitable for the treatment of ceramic tile, concrete, wood, vinyl, plastic, marble and other hard surfaces. An excellent replacement for harsh pine oil cleaners. Cleancare’s Kill Odour can be used for deodorising:

- Urinals, toilet bowls and bathrooms

- Veterinary premises and pet shops

- Garbage compactors and rubbish bins

- Recreational vehicles and cars

- Chemical toilets (pour 250ml into pan)

- Add to floor cleaner or rinse water

- Use anywhere water can be used safely

A valuable part of odour removal programs. Its unique ability to neutralise odours makes Kill Odor a valuable part of odour removal programs.

Easy to use. Dilute 1 part Kill Odor with 5 parts water. For very heavy odours dilute with less water.

As a pre– spray:1.Using hand pump sprayer or electric sprayer, apply liberally on affected area with a coarse spray.

2. Allow Kill Odor to remain on the affected area as long as possible. Then clean using generally accepted carpet cleaning techniques. If odour persists...repeat procedure.

As a truck mount or portable extraction machine deodorant.

The use of 50ml of concentrated Kill Odor in 5 litres of ready to use cleaning solution for portable extraction machinery... or 300ml of Kill Odor in concentrated stock solution for truck mount equipment ,will freshen the carpet and the air.

2. If odour has settled to backing and pad then Kill Odor should be applied with our Needle Injector directly to the carpet backing or in the pad. An eco­nomical solution to the expensive problem of taking up carpet.

Flash point: None

pH in use: 5.7, mildly acidic.

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