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Hose Assembly Parts Diagram

Hose Assembly Parts Diagram

Key     Description                                                       Item Code

1    Vacuum Hose with Cuffs 38mm x 7.5m long          ES0077

2    Cuff 38mm (1.5”) to suit ES0077 Hose                  SO9374

3    Quick connect Male ?” NPT                                   SO9063

4    Barb ?” x ?” NPT (low pressure hose)                 SO9467

5    Clamp Hose ?”                                                      SO8502

6    Tie Nylon                                                                SO8555

7    Hose High Pressure ?” ID per metre                     SO9171

7A  Hose Low Pressure ?” ID per metre                     SO9384

8    Quick Disconnect Female 1” NPT                            SO9064

9    Spring Strain Relief for HP Solution Hose               SO9392

10  Electric Male Plug 10amps                                     SO9160

11  Power Cord 10amps per metre                             SO9138

12  Electric Female Socket 10amps                             SO9161

13  Valve – Ball ?” BSP (MxF)                                     SO9428

14  Swaged Fitting for High Pressure Hose ?”           SO2826