Does Pure Water Fed Pole window cleaning work? Will it give me the same results as a traditional wash? Having difficult to reach and wash windows in your premises should only ever be cleaned by a professional window cleaning company like us who use the very latest water fed pole system. This will result in the glass being clear and sparkling after we have left without all the risks commonly associated with traditional window cleaning methods. Water is made up of a single atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen hence the term H20. These atoms exist as two charged ions in water. A hydrogen atom is a positively charged hydrogen ion; the other is connected to the oxygen atom to form a negatively charged hydroxide-ion. The water purification process removes all mineral and particle impurities from the water enabling it to evaporate without leaving behind any trace mineral deposits on the surface the water was on, but there are other benefits of using pure water to clean windows that are not as straight forward as one might imagine. A little known fact about purified water is that it actually possesses a remarkable solvent capability, resulting in the capacity of these charged ions to bond with other ions in the same way. Simply put, when pure water flows over a surface it actually dissolves and absorbs all potential substances and because the final rinse is also pure water, when left to dry naturally it leaves a streak free surface behind. Light brushing with a monofilament brush attached to a water fed pole that can reach up to 6 floors and in some cases 7 floors will ensure streak free clean windows without the high risk methods of past. Hydrostorm evaporates faster than the water it is mixed into and when used for window cleaning the water is attracted to glass surfaces (hydrophilic). Leaving tiny particles behind on the surface of the glass as the water dries the glass is left in a hydrophobic state. This rain repelling shield on the glass will keep the glass surface clean for far longer than normal, significantly broadening the gap between cleans and saving clients lots of money throughout the year by reducing the need to pay for window cleaners as often.