Incontinence often results in accidental urine 'spills' on carpet or upholstery. When the spill remains untreated for any length of time this often results in a strong unpleasant urine odour and often permanent staining.

Carers or housekeeping staff need to be aware that urine is absorbed deep down into the carpet pile, backing and often the concrete or wooden sub floor below the carpet.

Some residual urine may remain even after effective spot cleaning; often these urine spills contain colouring from medications or foodstuffs present that can cause permanent staining particularly if not treated promptly. For deodorising to take place effectively treatment must come into contact with all the contaminated areas and penetrate as deeply as the urine.

INITIAL TREATMENT OF CARPET AFFECTED BY URINE (Within 1-2 hours, while still damp):

1) Firstly blot up as much of the spill as possible.

2) Apply Nutrocare solution and then blot.

3) Apply Amocare solution and blot, repeat treatment until no further staining is transferring to the clean white cloth and the stain is removed. If staining remains then move on to using the next product.

4) Apply Sourcare solution, as before continue process until soiling no longer transfers or stain is satisfactorily removed.

5) Rinse with water and blot until dry.

6) Thorough steam cleaning with extraction machine is preferable as soon as is convenient.

7) If residual staining still remains then treatment with Rescue Kit may be required.

8) Spray undiluted "Urine Contamination Treatment" over the affected area and allow to dry.

9) Persistant odour in areas where this is a regular occurance may require a repeat application of "Urine contamination Treatment". If this problem has gone untreated for some time, an injection of undiluted "Urine Contamination Treatment" into the carpet backing may be required to kill the bacteria present from prolonged presence of urine in the subfloor and therefore resolve long standing odour problems.  

If the accident happens at a time when thorough spot cleaning is not possible, (i.e.) in the middle of the night or very early in the morning then: Blot up as much of the spill as possible. Liberally spray Urine Contamination Treatment to the area to kill the bacteria which in turn stops the odour.  It is important that full extraction cleaning is carried out as soon as possible to minimise damage to the carpet.



1) Completely spray the affected area with PreKleen pre-spray and allow to 'dwell' for at least 10 minutes prior to cleaning.

2) Clean thoroughly with extraction equipment using the correct dilution of "Textile Rinse", as this product is particularly effective at breaking down the urinary salts making them easier to remove.

3) Lightly spray diluted "Urine Contamination Treatment" (or undiluted - depending on level of contamination) over the affected area and allow to dry.


PLEASE NOTE: These procedures and recommendations have been compiled in order to assist the professional cleaner. CLEANCARE AUSTRALIA do not warrant these procedures expressed or implied, nor assume any liability or responsibility whatsoever in connection with their use.