Does your rug or carpet look different now that is has been cleaned? The change is probably due to soil which has been removed revealing clean fibers and pile distortion.


The appearance of a carpet or rug is dependent on various factors including texture. Foot traffic causes the majority of soil accumulation on floor coverings. It also produces a physical change on the face yarns of a carpet or rug. This physical change on the face yarns begins as soon as the carpet or rug is put to use and changes the texture hence appearance.


Therefore a change in the carpet pile will take place when the carpet is subjected to use. A comparison of the areas protected by furniture with adjacent used areas should graphically demonstrate the effect of foot traffic on the appearance of the carpet or rug. It is a normal occurrence to be expected, and may be in the form of either pile crushing, fuzzing or “blooming” of the tufts. The fiber used in the face yarns, pile density, and the amount of traffic over the carpeting will determine the type and amount of distortion.


However, the extent of physical change cannot be determined until soil has been removed. The professional cleaner makes every effort to correct distortion during the cleaning process. But in many cases distortion has reached a point where it cannot be returned to even near the original appearance.