PROBLEM - Static Build Up In Carpet


Static electricity build up can occur in both natural and synthetic carpets. Static electricity is caused by the rubbing together of dissimilar materials. The continued rubbing, contact and separation causes a high voltage charge to build up in both materials. Carpet fibres and shoe soles are dissimilar materials and by walking across a carpet the human body can build up quite a charge. This charge is realised or grounded upon contact with a source of a ground. A doorkonob, handrail or another person act as an excellent ground. Just prior to contact the build up static charge jumps across a tiny air gap resulting in a SHOCK!! As the relative humidity goes down the potential for static build up is increased.



Static build up can be controlled by increasing humidity or moisture in the environment by the use of humidifiers.

Topical antistatic treatments can be very effective in reducing static build up however, they last oly a short time (3-6 months) as they can be worn off. Sticky residues can also be a problem with some topical treatments. Cleancare's Staticare will not leave a sticky residue and will actually retard resoiling,

Household fabric softener has been used, however, it will leave a bad residue which greatly increases resoiling. Fabric softeners should never be used on stain resistant carpets.

Always test for sticky, tacky residues when considering any topical treatments.

Conductive yarns and carpet backings are a more permanent remedy for permanent static control. These works by grounding the carpet. You may suggest to a customer that has a repeated static problem, replacenent of exisiting carpet with a built in antistatic feature.