Shading often mistakenly called pooling, puddling or water marking has perplexed carpet and fiber producers for years. Shading is found in some oriental rugs and is found in varying degress in virtually all cut pile carpets and rugs both woven and tufted, domestic and imported. It is caused by a difference in the way light is reflected from the tips of the yarns of tufts on the surface of the carpet. Shading takes many shapes from straight line often mistaken for seams, to complexed free form designs. Shading is often mistaken for water stains. Shading is not a manufacturing defect and little can be done to prevent it.


Shading is not correctable.

The effects of shading can be slightly managed by accelerated maintenance procedures.

Daily ranking and periodic overall cleaning may help in some instances.

Do not guarantee th removal or correction of shading under any circumstances.