PROBLEM - Over Wetting

CAUSE: Over wetting of carpet is the cause of most cleaning related problems. It can be caused from the following items;

  • Blockage in vacuum systems
  • Leaks, cracks, collapsed vacuum hoses.
  • Damage to the wand that causes restriction of air-flow
  • Waste tank seals missing or damaged
  • Vacuum filters clogged
  • Improper speed or RPM settings (truck mounted systems)
  • Worn vacuum pumps and motors
  • Over-application of solutions, due to pressure settings too high and/or improperly sized jets in the cleaning wand.
  • Over-applying shampoo solutions. Note: Shampoo solutions should have good foamin qualities to help avoid over-wetting
  • Improper cleaning technique. Operator over applying solutions and not taking proper vacuum strokes.


  • Reduce pressure setting of pump
  • Insure vacuum system is operating properly
  • Re-extraction of excess moisture
  • Employ proper drying technique - use a Turbo dryer whenever possible.

The following is a listing of principals that will effect the drying process:

  • Proper air circulation is necessary for quick drying
  • As air becomes saturated with moisture drying slows down
  • Warm air will hold more moisture than cold air
  • Fans are dehumidifiers will decrease drying time
  • Air conditioning units act as dehumidifiers.