PROBLEM - Mildew and Dry Rot


Mildew is always present in our environment. Mildrew spores are carried by air movement and are found virtually everywhere. Mildew doesn't become a problem until it becomes active and begins to grow. For mildew to become active it must have a damp, dark, warm environment and organic matter. As mildew becomes active and grows, it requires food in the form of organic matter. Mildew is not an odour problem until it becomes active. Mildew becomes active above 20C and below 30C. The odour associated with mildew in its active state is caused from the gases that are produced as mildew digests organic matter, mildew can easily be recognised by its black, greenish or grey spots or discolouration on the material which it thrives.
The resulting damage from mildew damage is called dry rot. Dry rot results in weakening of fibres or in very severe cases complete disintegration.


Mildew can be controlled by treating with Cleancare's Kill Odour (a quat disinfectant)
Always employ proper drying techniques to control the growth of mildew and dry rot; Cleancare's Turbo Dryers.
Once dry rot has occured little can be done to reverse the effect it has had on material.