PROBLEM - Furniture Stains


Transfer of wood stains onto damp carpet from unprotected furniture legs or solid bases ot set on drying pads or blocks. This is unfortunately the technicians responsibility.

Furniture stains may also result from water damage or spillage.


The success of removal of wood stain will be determined by the fiber type and type of stain that has been transfered. If a stain is encountered during the cleaning process or while arranging furniture on damp carpets.

Clean/extract immediately

If not completely removed by extracting with normal cleaning solution, apply Cleancare Traffic Lane Energizer.

Ammonia is also a very effective high pH spotter if a commercially prepared product is not readily available.

Time is critical as some dyes will set very quickly.

Once the carpet has dried, little can be done and any procedure should be considered restorative. 

One effective methods is to shear the problem out of the carpet if it has not wicked too deep into the pile.

If commercial carpet shears are not available, an electric hair trimmer, or a heavy duty animal shear equipped with available surgical blades can be a real lifesaver for small areas.

Never attempt to shear a loop style carpet.

If the stain is too deep to consider shearing the following procedures can be attempted.

1. Apply liberal amounts of VDS, extract.

2. Apply high pH spotter, rinse and extract.

3. Apply rust remover (follow cautions), rinse and extract.

4. Apply stripper (Sodium Hydrosulphite) in powder form and apply moist heat. 

Rinse and extract, Some success has resulted from using Cleancare's Coffee Stain Remover. The heat transfer methods may also be employed, but with caution.