Although it has been determined that moisture is not the actual cause of many delamination problems, it can be a contributing factor. Delamination occurs as a result of either normal wear, tearing, age, the result of an inadequate adhesive formula, or improper application at the manufacturing level. As Latex (the adhesive used to glue the primary and the secondary backing together) ages it becomes hard and brittle. The normal movement of the carpet backing as a result of use caused the adhesive bond to break down. This problem may not be noticed until the carpet is exposed to moisture from a routine cleaning procedure. Moisture causes normal shrinkage or expansion of backing materials and the problem becomes noticeable next to a seam opening or ripples in high traffic areas.


Over delamination of large areas are usually not practical to correct.

Delaminated seams can be reglued.

Carpet seaming latex adhesive should be injected as far as possible into the delaminated seam.

The carpet should be completely dry and backing materials relaxed before attempting to reglue seams.

Carpet stretching tools may be necessary in severe cases.

This should be done by experienced carpet repair technicians only.