PROBLEM - Carpet Stiffness After Cleaning

CAUSES: Stiffness in carpet after cleaning can occur for several reasons

  • Over use of chemicals
  • Improper chemical use
  • Hard water
  • Emulsification of soluble residues that are not completely extracted.
  • Residues not completely removed during the cleaning process is the most common cause.



  • Usually a slight stiffness problem will correct itself after one or two vacuumings
  • In more severe cases recleaning the area using the normal amount of detergent for good soil suspension and to reduce soil re-deposition will usually correct the problem
  • Following the cleaning of problem stiff carpets, sour the carpet lighlty with Cleancare Textile Rinse to neutralise any detergent residues.
  • Always set the pile with a groomer or nap brush after cleaning and use Turbo Dryers to speed drying
  • Posst-dry vacuuming may be necessary following wet cleaning procedures.


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