PROBLEM - Bucking


Most carpets backing fibers have some reaction when exposed to moisture. Natural jute backings have a tendency to shrink while synthetic backings will remain unaffected or have a tendency to expand. It is very common for some synthetic backing carpets to experience buckling or ripples after wet cleaning. In some carpets both natural and synthetic backing materials are used in conjunction with each other. The different expansion rates of the two backings can result in severe buckling and even contribute to delamination if adhesive bonds are not adequate. It is important that upon your pre inspection of any carpet before cleaning that shrinkage or unusual looseness is noted on the invoice.


Corrections should be made prior to cleaning.

Standard carpet stretching procedures should be accomplished by experienced carpet installation and repair technicians.

Stretching and buckling is not the cleaners fault with the exception of over wetting.

The customer should be informed that in most cases of buckling or rippling, the carpet will return to normal when completly dry.