Are You Working Smarter or Just Harder?

Can anything ruin your day faster than facing a restaurant carpet full of ground-in soils and caked-on grease? Sure, you don’t mind putting a little elbow grease into the job, but sometimes you need some extra help. The kind of help you get from Cleancare’s PreKleen pre-spray.

DESIGNED TO STAND UP TO THE CHALLENGE PreKleen is specifically designed to stand up to the challenge of tough restaurant grease. Easily removes caked-on restaurant grease and makes dirty, dingy traffic lanes disappear!

JUST AS POWERFUL ON REGULAR DIRT What’s more, PreKleen is just a powerful on regular dirt! Many spots and tough soils found in carpets are protein based, caused by food and beverage spills. PreKleen’s unique blend of penetrating detergents and enzymes digest emulsify the proteins, allowing the dirt particles to break apart. Within minutes, grease stains and spills are easily extracted with fewer wand strokes and less effort.

ANYWHERE YOU NEED EXTRA CLEANING POWER! So, whether you’re dealing with caked-on, ground-in dirt in a restaurant, office or residential carpet, with PreKleen you don’t need to work harder - Just Smarter!