Since 1976 Cleancare of Australia has been developing powdered carpet cleaning detergents which have proven to be superior to liquid detergents in both performance and economy of use. These detergents are suitable for portable and truck mounted extraction machines.

Advantages of powder detergents:

100% ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: as no water is used the powdered detergent is diluted bythe operator allowing complete control on the dilution required.


EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL: for example, Cleancare's Formula 90 has a recommended dilution rate 300 to one or in other words, 1 kilogram of Formula 90 will make a minimum of 301 litres of carpet cleaning solution. Compare this with the average dilution rate of most liquid carpet detergents at 100 to one,(101 litres of cleaning solution).

LOW FREIGHT COST: because there is no water in our powdered products, freight cost is kept to a minimum. As an example, to send through the post, 10 kilograms of Formula 90 from Melbourne to most eastern Australian cities costs about $13.00. As a comparison, a 25 litre drum of detergent sent via a freight company cost $26.00 or more.

POWERFUL DETERGENTS: professional carpet cleaning contractors are not fooled by cheap detergents which slow down their cleaning and can't cope with tough soiling conditions. Formula 90 and PreKleen users have this to say about our products.