“The CFR Pro 500 is able to deep clean all of the carpet and fabric on the jet without concern about wetting the abutting surfaces or damaging high-tech electronics.”


When you’re a private jet company offering on-demand air charters and other services to discriminating clientele, your clients expect the utmost in convenience and luxury. So you run your operation with care and precision, and with attention to every detail. You also seek out and use the best tools.

One East Coast firm has made a name for itself as one of the premier private jet charter companies in the U.S. With as little as three hours’ notice, its clients can have one of the company’s fleet of private jets and helicopters at their disposal. The company also manages and maintains jets owned by corporations or wealthy individuals on a contract basis.

The company’s client-focused commitment to providing excellent service encompasses mechanical maintenance of the aircraft, custom catering and amenities and comfortable, luxury interiors. Inside its fleet of heavy, super-midsize, mid-size and light jets are high-end finishes that must be regularly and meticulously maintained. Interior appointments include plush leather seating, high-end fabrics, custom carpeting and personal conveniences such as high-end music systems and personal cabin management controls.

Owned or managed, the jets and helicopters always have to be immaculate, yet ready to fly on short notice. So when the company recently added a new heavy jet to its fleet, it decided to upgrade its cleaning equipment as well.

High Standards

The new business jet—valued in excess of $26 million—boasts 1,410 cubic feet of cabin space, seating for 13 passengers and a semi-private aft cabin. The interior, both large and filled with tight spaces, would need to be quickly and thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, without damage to the carpet or over wetting of the surfaces. Technicians at the small company would have work fast and efficiently, and meet very high standards for cleanliness, health and appearance.

The company turned to a local CFR dealer for suggestions, and he recommended the CFR Pro 500 Continuous Flow Recycling Extractor. Carpet extraction, sometimes referred to as hot-water-extractor cleaning or steam cleaning, does the best job of deep cleaning, but traditional extraction can require a lot of water and sometimes involve extended drying times.

CFR’s continuous-flow recycling technology is different. It both uses and leaves behind less water, resulting in a quicker cleaning process and faster drying times.

Precision and Reach

The 13 gallon, 500 p.s.i CFR Pro 500 model is easily moved, and the recycling technology pro500virtually eliminates the dump-and-refill downtime that cleaners normally experience with traditional extractors. Cleaning solution lasts up to 7 times longer than with traditional extractors, which means the entire interior can be completed in one pass. In addition, CFR’s unique atomisation wand delivers less moisture for drier and healthier carpets, cushions and fabric panels.

The drier process also delivers dry times that erased any concerns about having the jet down for extended periods. Quicker turnaround time means more satisfied customers.

Because the company also offers Interior and Refurbishment services for privately held and corporate-owned helicopters and jets, the Pro 500 also can be pressed into service for restorative work. Carpet extraction is often used to save carpet that cannot be effectively cleaned by other methods. When flying, safety is paramount. But customers also want a clean and comfortable environment. Dedicated to meeting their client’s needs in every way, this luxury jet rental company found the right tool to deliver the cleanliness their customers expect.