Incontinence, small children, cats & dogs often cause accidental urine “spills” on carpets. When the “spill” is not cleaned thoroughly or not cleaned at all, the result is invariably a strong unpleasant urine odour with the possible permanent staining of the carpet fibres.

House keeping staff on nursing homes, hospitals, hotels need to understand that a urine spill is absorbed deep down the carpet pile, into the carpet backing and often down into the sub-flooring.

It is important to understand that in order for the deodorising ingredients to be effective on the urine odour they most come in contact with all the portions of the contaminated area, special wetting agents allow the products to penetrate as deep as the urine “spills”.


Pet Odour

When treating pet odours, check all surfaces for contamination: tackles carpet strips, wall skirting, walls, curtains and furniture.


Urine Odour Control Options

1. For Mild Contamination

Topical Treatment Program

This is the simplest treatment and as such it is economical and fast.

  1. Pre-spray the carpet with diluted Textile Rinse to break down urinary salts build up. Use coarse spray.
  2. Rinse off with hot water extraction cleaning.
  3. Treat carpet with undiluted Urine Contaminated Treatment by spraying carpet – allow 30 minutes dwell time then clean carpet treated with PreKleen with hot water extraction equipmen 

NOTE: This program is only suitable for mild surface odout problems and its effectiveness may vary.


2. For Moderate Contamination

Injection Program

Treat the carpet as per Program No.1 with the additional operation of injecting undiluted Urine Contamination Treatment beneath the carpet backing with a syringe.

NOTE: This program can be very effective when the source of odour can be localised – the cost is also kept to a minimum.


3. For Heavy Contamination

Complete Removal Program

  1. In this instance the carpet is lifted from the floor. The underfelt cushion is disposed of, and the sub-floor is cleaned, deodorised and sealed. New underfelt is installed.
  2. Carpet face and backing is saturated with diluted Textile Rinse to break down the urinary salts. Rinse off with hot water extraction cleaning.
  3. Heavily spray carpet on both sides with undiluted Urine Contamination Treatment. Allow 30 minutes dwell time.


4. Finally, wash carpet on both sides with hot water extraction method by firstly treating the carpet with diluted PreKleen.

Allow to thoroughly dry and refit carpet to floor.

NOTE: This program is the one deodorization program which can consistently guarantee to reduce the odour to a point at which it will not be a problem.


Hard Surfaces

In addition to carpet and upholstery, Urine Contamination Treatment will control urine odours from urinals, tile, concrete, wood floors, as well as other hard surfaces.


Maintenance Cleaning

For routine cleaning, mild odours resulting from soiling and spillage can be controlled with a general contact deodoriser as found in the Kill Odour line of products. Basic deodorisation can be accomplished with the addition of as little as 100ml per 50L of ready-to-use solution, or sprayed to the carpet at 5:1 dilution prior to cleaning.


Urine Stains

Urine is one of the most troublesome stains facing a cleaner. The owner may not have known the accident happened or may feel all of the urine has been removed from the textile; since generally no immediate change is visible, it is assumed to be gone. Later, after the carpet has been cleaned and all soil removed, the stain becomes quiet apparent.

Cleaners may be accused of placing some type of staining material on the textile or using some chemical, which has produced a discolouration. Various products available to the consumer indicate that urine stains are simple to remove and so they cannot understand why a professional is unable to remove them.

When an old urine stain becomes yellow, this is often permanent colour loss caused by the chemical content of the stain and will not be removable.


Summing Up

After the carpet has been treated with Urine Contamination Treatment a small amount of urine and product will remain. Due to the special formulation, absolutely no urine odour will be detected. The dry residual Urine Contamination Treatment continues deodorising via effective masking. All that can be detected is a delicate lingering odour. The remaining urine odour dissipates at the same rate as the products floral scent. Thus when the floral scent is gone, so is the urine odour.