A light beige coloured nylon carpet is heavily stained with 12 materials (Fig.1). The materials are allowed to set for 14 days. The carpet is then cleaned with the hot water extraction emethod. It can also be cleaned by sponging with carpet detergent and blotting with towelling.

fig 1


The extraction cleaning removes all the staining material which did not set into the carpet fibres. Most stains are still obvious with the exception of cola and straweberry jam which the cleaning process was able to remove (Fig.2). 


The carpet is now sprayed with Cleancare’s Rescue Kit and allowed to dry. The worecestershire,soya and tomato sauce have been removed (Fig.3). Reduced in intensity but still have visible are wine, Betadine, coffee, orange cordial, Mercurochrome and Iodine.


To speed up the removal of the more difficult stains, Rescue Kit is again sprayed, then a hot steam iron is placed on the stains with a towel underneath (Fig.4). This operation is repeated a few times and the carpet allowed to dry.


 Now only a few traces of staining material remain (Fig.5). Again Rescue Kit is sprayed and the hot steam iron used. The Mercurochrome stain is now the only one visible (Fig.6). It took 15 spray applications,without using the iron, to completley remove the Mercurochrome.












1. Cleancare’s Rescue Kit is a very efficient product for the removal of over 30 stains caused by food and medicinal colouring.

2. Rescue Kit is very easy to use - simply spray it over the stain and allow to dry. Repeat the operation as many times as it takes for stain to disappear.

3. Some carpet fibres may react differently from this example - always pre test fibres prior to using Cleancare’s Rescue Kit. Some dark dyes may be lightened by the Rescue Kit.

4. The hot steam iron method will greatly speed stain removal when used in conjunction with Cleancare’s Rescue Kit.

5. Some stains such as Mercurochrome and Iodine will required several treatments. It may not be economical for the cleaning contractor to make the necessary call backs - it is therefore up to the contractor to provide or to sell the kit to the carpet owner so that complete stain removal can be effected without the added cost of call backs to the contractor. 

Rescue Kit is easy to use - no special training or equipment is required to rid yourself (or your customers) of those ugly, stubborn stains that you thought were impossible to remove.