1. Dry vacuum carpet thoroughly with a good upright vacuum cleaner.

2. Prespray carpet with warm Traffic Lane Cleaner - Energizer or Pre Kleen solution.

3. Rake in the prespray with a Grandy Groom Rake and allow 10 minutes dwell time.

4. In your extractor use Formula 90 or LiquaSteam detergent with hot water - minimum temperature 70C. Clean an area of approximately 20 Square M.

5. With only the vacuum - go over the first 10 Square meters and remove moisture which has begun to wick up the carpet fibres.

6. With a floor machine such as the Orbiter run a bonnet over the 10 Square meters by using a dry clean Bonnet - keep changing the bonnet as it becomes saturated.

7. Open windows if possible or turn air conditioner on and set up Turbo Dryer on the first 10 Sq M of carpet.

8. This procedure is repeated on the rest of the carpet until all cleaning is finished.

If all the carpet is totally dry before the operator leaves the job site. The Turbo Dryer should be left behind to complete the drying process.

When picking up the Turbo Dryer the following day, the operator is to ensure the customer is satisfied. This is also an excellent opportunity to pick up referrals for more cleaning jobs.

At Cleancare we have tested and tried the above procedure - It Works! Here below are the results of our comparative testing.


Cleaning carried out in open area on low loop pile nylon carpet and cute pile plush nylon carpet. Temperature on day of test about 20ºC

1. Hot water extraction only cleaning without using the above procedure. Drying Time: 4.15 hrs

2. Cleaning with the above procedure Drying Time: 1.10 hrs


As you see with the carpet procedure and a little more effort you can provide your customers with what they really want. 


Carpet Dry in 2 Hours