The skilled and knowledgeable carpet technician should be able to discuss browning and the treatment of browning in an informed manner with a customer, and they should be smart enough to have this discussion prior to cleaning a carpet which has cellulosic fibres in its construction or any carpet made prior to 1980. With this in mind, browning should not be a surprise to anyone. Browning is easier to correct on synthetic fibres, since it usually is only a surface condition, but it may act as dye on wool fibres becoming very difficult to remove.


1. Thoroughly inspect goods in question for brown out potential. Soaking a small swatch of carpet in hot water containing a strong alkaline base might show a tendency towards browning. Minimise your water input. Careful and thorough pre-conditioning permits you to reduce the amount of water used to the minimum amount needed to remove the soil.


2. If a browning situation could exist, treat with Cleancare’s Browning Treatment. While there is no definite evidence showing that a post-cleaning treatment will prevent browning, neither is there evidence that it won’t; in any event, spraying Browning Treatment prior to the cleaning is a waste of time.


3. Reduce drying time to the minimum possible. Use Turbo Dryers or run a drying bonnet over the damp carpet. The longer any moisture is in contact with the backing, the greater the potential for browning.


TREATMENT: Be sure that the condition observed is cellulosic browning, because the corrective procedures won’t do much for dirty carpets. Don’t start any correcting procedures until the carpet is thoroughly dry. If correction is attempted while the carpet is still damp, there is very real possibility that browning will re-occur.


Use Browning Treatment undiluted. Lightly spray the carpet. The whole idea is to treat the tips of fibres only. DO NOT REWET THE CARPET. A damp cotton towel is the most functional tool. The same procedure may be used on large areas, or you might want to use a bonnet system for great production speed.



Browning Treatment

  • Removes cellulose browning from carpet and upholstery.
  • Effective on upholstery as well as carpet.
  • Removes or reduces browning due to over-wetting and bleed through of jute back.
  • Reduces intensity of brown or yellow animal stains due to loss of colour.
  • Reduces the incidence of browning of suspect fibres.

Can also be used on water and tannin stains. 

Easy to use. Spray undiluted browning treatment directly on affected areas and

brush lightly. Allow to dry. Alternatively may be used with the Roto Dry Bonnet

system for treating browning problems encountered over large carpeted areas.

Flash point None

pH: 4.1 (mildly acidic)

Conveniently packaged: CT1105 5L, CT1108 5L Superbase (5L=25L) and CT1125 25L