Furniture stains are easy to recognise because they usually show up adjacent to furniture leg locations. They are many times accompanied by a rust spot in the centre. If this is the case, treat the rust spot first with RUSTCARE.

The majority of the time, these spots are the transference of a topically applied furniture stain. Other times, however, a wood’s natural colour (cherry wood for example) will transfer on to fibre and is virtually impossible to remove. Topically applied wood stains are mixtures of dyes which have been dissolved into various solvents. These dyes fall into three groups, which are:


Many times a furniture stain is used in a combination of two or more of these dyes in order to achieve a desired colour or shade.

If you know the manufacturer and type of wood stains involved, it would be beneficial to contact that manufacturer in order to determine the carrier for the stain. Once determined, a small amount of the carrier agent will, in most cases, be the most effective spotter.

Because the solubility of all dyes are not the same, even within one wood stain, testing only, will determine what is the best reagent to use. The reality of the situation is that most of the time the spot is on the carpet and testing on the wood is unacceptable. When this is the situation, follow the procedure outlined below:



Supplies you will need on hand:

1. Paint thinner found in most paint or hardware stores – small container.

2. A small container of BLEACHCARE

3. A spray bottle with a high alkaline pH product such as TRAFFIC LANE CLEANER or ENERGISER.

4. Two (2) soft terry or soft absorbent white towels.

5. An iron.

6. An extractor.

7. A water source.


STEP 1. Moisten a towel with a paint thinner and tenderly blot the surface of the carpet. Keep colour transferring onto the cloth until the stain is gone. DO NOT apply thinner directly to carpet.

STEP 2. If there is a residual stain left and colour is no longer moving onto cloth … RINSE AND EXTRACT (of flush) well.

STEP 3. Make sure residual stain is wet and sprinkle a small amount of BLEACHCARE onto the residual stain. (making sure not to get any BLEACHCARE onto dry carpet).

STEP 4. Wet and wring out the second clean towel (NEVER use the towel that contains the paint thinner) and fold onto 1/2’s or ¼’s … place over stain and BLEACHCARE

STEP 5. Have iron set on steam (or medium) and place iron onto wet towel for seconds at a time. Keep peaking. If towel starts to become dry before stain is removed, re-wet towel.