Cleancare Australia introduced this cleaning system to the carpet cleaning industry with technology that changed the way carpets and upholstery is cleaned, technology which even now our competitors are trying hard to but unable to replicate.

  • Formula 90 has a 7 way action: Lifts, disperses, emulsifies, sequesters, dissolves, suspends and decomposes soils.


  • Formula 90 contains highly specialised linear alcohol ethoxylate surfactants, the engine or work horse of a detergent system. These are not only pound for pound the most versatile in removing the type of soil found on the carpet and upholstery be it dirt, mineral or edible oils, food spills but also highly biodegradable, in fact our surfactants sustain the environment.


  • Studies have shown that our specialised linear alcohol ethoxylate surfactant system is twice as effective in holding soil (capacity) and efficiency (speed at picking up soil) as compared to cheaper alkylphenol ethoxylate surfactants and far superior than branched chain alcohol ethoxylates that other manufacturers employ.


  • Linear alcohol ethoxylate surfactants being non ionic are not adversely affected by water hardness.


  • Our surfactant system has the appropriate amount of wetting power, not too little and not too much. If the surfactant wets too much it will push the soil into the backing of the carpet and if it is too little it will not be able to emulsify the soil. Our surfactant systems wets the soil enough to keep it suspended for enough time so it can be easily extracted.


  • Formula 90 is optimised with superior builders not fillers (that many other manufacturers use)


  • We add anti-corrosives that help protect your expensive equipment from pitting and corrosion and are the only manufacture that can genuinely, claim this protection for equipment.


  • Our surfactant system has additives that not only reduce the foam so as not to reduce the vacuum during extraction, but to help synergise the surfactant system.


  • We offer buffered alkalinity in our surfactant system, that helps saponify (convert oils to soap for easy extraction) oils. If a customer prefers a lower pH product we have that available too, for wool and stain resistant type of carpet.


  • The hand woven wool carpets (Oriental carpets) during the finishing process in the countries they are produced (like Iran, Pakistan, India, Turkey) are washed with alkaline chlorine bleach which brings the sheen (lustre) to the carpet. However, we do not in any way condone the use of alkaline chlorine bleach on wool carpet.


Cleancare Australia stands behind its products.


We let cleaners make the choice, whether to use lower or higher pH as appropriate to the cleaning task. And in the end, your customer will decide whether they will have you back to do the job the next time it’s time to clean the carpet.