It is a well known fact that using hot water for extraction cleaning is a considerable advantage for fast thorough cleaning, however there are times when hot ware is not available and the cleaning technician has no choice but to use cold water.


When this is the case the following procedure is suggested:


1.  Vacuum the carpet – loose, dry soil removal is the first step of the cleaning process. By removing the bulk of the soil (it is estimated that 80-90% of the soil by weight in a carpet is of this type), it makes the rest of the cleaning work easier and more effective.


2. Pre-spray the carpet with a quality detergent such as PreKleen with enzyme action, use some form of agitation on the just sprayed carpet. This simplest form of agitation is several passes of your Grandi Groom rake or you may use a carpet bonnet under a floor machine such as Cleancare’s Orbiter. Agitation provides even distribution of the cleaning agent therefore enhancing soil suspension.


3. Suspension – soil which has built up in a carpet over months or even years cannot be suspended in seconds! You will need to give the PreKleen detergent at least 10 minutes of dwell time for best results. Do not allow PreKleen to dry before soil extraction is completed.


4. Extraction – once the soil is in suspension you can use cold water in your extraction equipment to flush out the soil and detergent. Remember that when using cold water decreasing the pressure and slowing down your passes will definitely help in achieving the best possible cleaning.


5. Drying – a carpet cleaned with cold water can take longer to dry – this is easily overcome by running a dry clean bonnet under a floor machine to absorb moisture, the bonnet will also pick up more dirt and enhance the final result.


So there you have it!

Cold water carpet extraction will give you excellent results if you are prepared to spend a little more time!