CFR offers a unique method of carpet extraction that controls the moisture going in and then recycles the water and solution as it is recovered.

1. Less Water Usage Less Water Usage

Atomized droplets can have as much as 10 times more surface area than a standard extractor droplet, Our extractors cover the carpet or fiber with an atomized mist at high pressure without over-wetting or over-saturating the fiber. And, because it's a fine, atomized heavy mist, we're able to clean between and through the fibers much more effectively than larger droplets, allowing us to use less water, while removing more soil.

2. Faster Dry Times Faster Dry Times

Less water used and less water to recover translates to less moisture that is allowed to rest in the carpet fibers and backing. One of the headaches of traditional carpet extraction is the lengthy dry times, which are dramatically decreased with CFR extractors.

3. Less Dumps and Refills Less Dumps and Refills

Another hassle of traditional carpet extraction is the time and energy spent emptying and refilling the solution tank. A CFR extractor recovers the solution it lays down and then recycles it through a 4-stage filtration process. On average, you will only have to stop to empty and refill the solution tank one time compared to seven times with a traditional extractor.

4. A "Safer" Alternative A "Safer" Alternative

CFR provides a safer solution to carpet extraction by offering DfE and CRI recognized chemicals, minimizing the use of harsh chemicals, helping to protect your investment in carpeting, while also helping to protect the environment.

5. A Healthier Option 1cfr-healthier-option

Using less harsh chemicals increases the health and safety of cleaning staff. Avoiding over saturation of the carpet reduces the chance of the development of mold, bacteria, and allergens in carpets resulting in a healthier environment for building occupants.


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