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Surfacide Concentrate pH: 7.6 (undiluted) 

Heavy Duty Quaternary Disinfectant & Deodorizing Detergent

Cleans, disinfects and sanitizes to kill infectious organisms like salmonella typhosa, staphylococcus and most pathogenic bacteria including corona virus on touched surfaces while leaving a pleasing fragrance.  Surfacide has antimicrobial properties & contains Quaternary Disinfectant (benzalkonium chloride – organic salt) for cleaning hard surfaces.
  • For normal use dilute 1 part Surfacide to 50 parts water (100ml/5 litres water)
  • For heavy duty use dilute 1 part Surfacide to 20 parts water (250ml/5 litres water)

Suitable for use in aged care facilities, offices, workplaces, public areas, reception desks, sales counters, shops, government buildings, cars, taxi, trains buses, hotels, factories, workshops, mechanical & engineering environments (not suitable for operating theatres)

Cleaning Guidelines for corona virus -19, check the state govenment links

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